Captain Ralyne


Raylene Anchorheart is the captain of the pirate ship called Black Charlatan.


She is said to have been born in a legendary brothel in the legendary pirate city of Dead Man’s Reef. Another legend says that she was found on a deserted island. Still another legend says that she was spat out of the ocean by a Kraken. Which story is true? Probably not the Kraken one. That one is pretty ridiculous.

Indeed there are many tales about the exploits of Captain Raylene, some are heroic, some are sordid, some are amazing, some are downright crazy – like the time when she took the Black Charlatan out hunting a Kraken. Or the time when she supposedly captured three Giant Crustaceans and served them at a banquet in her homeport.

One story says that she once looted the heavily guarded vaults of a Shemid city-state with a gang of five men. Supposedly she put on a fake black beard, dressed as a state tax-inspector, and fooled the guards to let her in. They even helped her get the gold onboard a captured Dhow. When the leaders of the City-state put a bounty on her head, she kidnapped their daughters and threatened to give them to a brothel in Dead Man’s Reef. The city leaders relented and she let their daughters go. Well, all except the princess Inaya, who joined her crew.

The Black Charlatan has recently been spotted skulking about near Far Water.

Captain Ralyne

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