It is the year of 1402. The Holy Empire, which for centuries have stood for peace and security, is threatened by a growing instability.

The ancient and powerful Amulet of Undying has been taken from the tomb of Ragnar the Black. It is said to have been taken to the legendary city of Black Habour, wherein dwell a host of foul creatures and men, men with souls as black as night and hearts forged of savage steel. Black Habour is ruled by a mysterious group known only as The Dark Cabal. These wretched slaves of darkness plot to overthrow the Empire, and with the Amulet of Undying, they just might succeed.

The Dark Cabal have used the power of the Amulet to call together a powerful Black Alliance of evildoers. With these new armies they have already raided the easternmost frontier cities, slaughtering all who oppose them.

Meanwhile, the Empire is desperately searching for a few brave and foolhardy adventurers, people who will risk their lives to travel to Black Harbor, defeat the Cabal, and bring the Amulet back to its resting place, adventurers who will triumph over evil and become HEROES OF LEGEND.

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This is an epic adventure set in legendary times, with heroes, wenches, gold, magic, and monsters, so be wary that these forbidden pages might not always be, eh, safe for work.

…And remember, in the grim darkness of the past, there is only loot.

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Acknowledgements, to those whom went before us.

Wars of the Black Alliance

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