When you hear about witches, you probably imagine something like this, right?

553x720 10702 moon witch 2d fantasy female girl woman witch portrait picture image digital art
“You can put a spell on me anytime, baby.”

She’s cute, right? But also totally inaccurate.

We can’t blame you. Popular folk tales always goes on and on about that beautiful but odd girl in the village, the girl who rejects some petty noble lord, only to be accused of being a witch, and then burned on the stake. Tragic, really.

Oh, and that happens all the time. They’re just not actual witches.

No, this is a more accurate representation:

“You. Not so much.”

Real actual witches rarely get burned however. They tend to be much to terrifying for the Inquisition. They also tend to live outside major cities or villages.

Questing Knights have a nasty habit of seeking out these old women (or men, being a witch is an equal opportunity job), and lobbing their heads off. For justice.

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