This is the current pantheon of Gods worshipped throughout the Holy Empire.

The Nine New Gods

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  • Tallius, Father of the Gods, God of the Sky, piety
  • Aurelia, Mother of the Gods, Goddess of the Earth, motherhood, birth,
  • Selene, Goddess of the Sun, agriculture, fertility, crops, healing, marriage, love
  • Bellius (Belan), God of War, soldiery, honor, strength, courage, and victory
  • Prosella, Goddess of Water, seafaring, rain, storms, springs, rivers, and navigation
  • Lorus, God of Arts, poetry, songs, music,
  • Illia, Goddess of Spring, passion, lust, luck,
  • Fanus, God of Prosperity, wealth, trade, and smiting,
  • Turius, God of the State, order, politics, law, and justice
  • Alatana, Goddess of the Moon, wisdom, knowledge, science, invention, discovery, astronomy, and magic

The Seven Old Gods

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These Gods were worshipped before the ancient event known as The Sundering of Heaven. In some areas of the Empire, people still use the old names for the New Gods, and while worship of the old Gods is not exactly banned, the Church is not too happy about it either.

  • Arela, the Earth Mother, Mother of the Gods, Goddess of the Sun, motherhood, and birth
  • Shara, Goddess of agriculture, fertility, rain, crops, earth, and healing
  • Talu, Goddess of the hunt, archery, animals, strength, honor, courage
  • Inalan, God of the Moon, magic, thunder, fire, and the seasons
  • Alatan the Wise, God of knowledge and wisdom
  • Maal, God of trickery, deceit, curses, thieving, cunning, humor, luck, gambling, and pranks
  • Uskanos (Uskan), God of Warfare, strife, warriors, death, anger, carnage, and retribution

The Fallen Gods

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After the The Sundering of Heaven, some of the old Gods were considered evil. These are now called the Gods of the Underworld, the Fallen Gods, the Chthonic Deities. These dark entities bear many names.

  • Saliac, God of Strife, vengeance, destruction, anger, and carnage
  • Aiea, Goddess of the Wild, daemons, savage beasts, natural disasters,
  • Canok, God of Witchcraft, enchantments, curses, poisons,
  • Maal, God of Misery, pestilence, disabilities, envy, hatred, and blame

The Spirit Worlds

  • Asphodel (the battlefield of the Gods, where the souls of men are contested by the forces of good and evil. Asphodel is also the gateway between the mortal ream leading to Elysium and Tartarus)
  • Elysium (Afterlife, realm of the angels, souls of the pure)
  • Tartarus (the Underworld, the demonrealm, abode of the souls of the dammed.)


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