Green Arbour


Current leader: Duke Guaimar

Green Arbour is one of the largest and busiest Imperial ports along the northern coast of the Southern Sea.

Main sights
The largest temple in Green Arbour is the gilded Temple of Fanus. The main market is where most of the trade goods can be found. The city also has numerous taverns, brothels, temples, and theatres to entertain foreign visitors. If you feel like having a bad time, go visit the slave market. I could barely finish my lunch after my last visit there. Thank the Gods for Green Arbour wine, right?

Green Arbour is a large city. The many gilded domes betray the typical southern imperial (Alerian) architecture. The city is also known for its sprawling vegetation along the cliffs.

The climate in Green Arbour is mild in the winter and warm in the summer. The ocean breeze keeps away the worst heat during the height of summer. Rough winter storms are common

Political status
Imperial city, aligned to the Trade Guild

The city was founded long ago along the edges of the densely forested Golden Cliffs and have since sprawled inland from the coast.

The steep cliffs and unpredictable surf should have doomed Green Arbour as a merchant port, but the industrious inhabitants managed to create an artificial lagoon, wherein the port facility and docking ships were secure from the roaring elements. A navigation channel protected by wave breakers leads from the coast to the lagoon.

The main port facility can service up to a hundred ships in a day, and enormous elevators can easily transport the merchant goods from ships in the lagoon to the warehouses and markets in the upper city.

The city trades fine cloth, furniture, spices, and incense, but its fine wine, known throughout the Empire and beyond, as Green Arbour wine, is its most important export. The wineries can be found all over the city, but the grapes mostly come from vast vineyards outside the city. It is supposedly the nutritious volcanic soil of the hinterland that gives Green Arbour wine its rich taste. Yummy.

Most of the city (including its wineries) is currently owned by wealthy merchant lords connected to the Trade Guild. These lords of have nurtured a century-long rivalry with the Shemid city-state of al-Hammâm (called Hamana by the people of Green Arbour) on the opposite coast. No one knows how it started or indeed why, but it has made trade with the Shemids difficult. Nonetheless, products from al-Hammâm tends to appear in the markets of Green Arbour with conspicuous regularity. Guild Privateers and Shemid Corsairs occasionally fight each other, but for the most part, both the Shemids and the merchant lords prefer trade to warfare.

In the warmer periods when the inner waterways of the Empire are navigable, Green Arbour is accessible for cargo ships from all over the Empire, and many new exotic items can be found in its markets.

If you decide to visit Green Arbour, remember to keep an eye on your wallet, and be wary what you purchase. Many a traveller have purchased what they thought were delicious Golden Eggs, only to have them hatch an angry infant dragon on the way home.

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Green Arbour

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