Children of Turius


The Children of Turius is (not very surprisingly) a sect of Turius worshippers. They are based in the stinky little village of Marshtown in Moriban.

The strong beliefs of the sect deviate from the Ulpianian Creed of the Church by intermixing the virtues of Turius, the God of the State and Laws, and Bellius, the God of War. The sect also interprets law and justice radically different from the Church, primarily by replacing the common judicial practice with excruciating trials by ordeal. Nor do the sect wear the blue robes of the acolytes of Turius. Instead they wear the white of Bellius. The Children of Turius are fervent witch hunters. Some say they go too far, but they’d never say it to their faces, lest they be burned as well.

Most of the members of the sect are former members of the military-religious order known as the Black Shields, an otherwise traditional stronghold of Bellius-worship. Their individual reasons for leaving the order is unknown, but it is speculated that the sect has acolytes among the members of the Black Shields.

In 1401 the sect mobilized and defeated the vanguard of a raiding party of the Black Alliance at Marshtown. The defeated raiding party veered south instead and sacked the sleepy little town of Fair Oaks. This event, needless to say, had a significant detrimental effect on the community living in Fair Oaks at the time.

Children of Turius

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