Black Habour


Black Habour is a legendary city said to be located in the region of Thrasyllos in the Bay of Lost Souls along the Blood Coast. It is ruled by the Dark Lady Valesha.

There are three known ways to get to Black Harbour. One is north across the perilous Bone Mountains, said to be haunted by Trolls and Orcs. The second is to take the middle road through the Forest of Darkness, a place infested with foul creatures, giant spiders and evil goblins. The third way will take you by ship down past the dangerous Blood Coast, the infamous haunt of pirates and destructive storms.

Whichever way you take, you are bound to have used a lot of healing potions once you reach the city itself. And only then will it get really dangerous, for Black Harbour is an evil city and home to the vile Dark Cabal. Beware ye all who enter here.

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Black Habour

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