Amulet of Undying

Amulet by cryptcrawler

The Amulet of Undying is an enchanted item forged by the ancient villainous necromancer known as Ragnar the Black.

The amulet supposedly gave the wearer the ability to control both the living and the dead. Ragnar used the amulet to summon the first Black Alliance, a despicable collection of foul creatures, undead warriors, and even dragons.

Entire armies perished before the onslaught of the Black Alliance, and the dinner parties of the King were extremely disturbed. It was outrageous, yet, it seemed as though nothing could stop Ragnar and his hordes.

Eventually however, his dark luck ran out, and he lost the amulet when an adventuring hero severed his necromancer head from his necromancer body.

The various parts of Ragnar and his amulet was subsequently entombed in the Mountain of Sorrow, and the Black Alliance collapsed.

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Amulet of Undying

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