Tag: Pirate


  • Captain Ralyne

    She is said to have been born in a legendary brothel in the legendary pirate city of Dead Man’s Reef. Another legend says that she was found on a deserted island. Still another legend says that she was spat out of the ocean by a Kraken. Which story is …

  • Captain Ghoulbrood

    Throatslit Ghoulbrood and his pirates were hired by [[The Dark Cabal | The Dark Cabal]] to keep uninvited guests away from the [[Bay of Lost Souls | Bay of Lost Souls]].

  • Inaya

    She says her favorite things in the world is loot, wenches, rum, and the ocean breeze. Not much else is known about her. Oh, except that she is said to be an expert with throwing knives. She supposedly once neutered the captain of a rival pirate crew …