Lute from the Crypt

Mastercrafted lute

musical instrument

This fine mastercrafted Lute was found by the heroes in the crypt underneath the city of al-Hammâm.


It has a lot of Shemid writing on it. I wonder who it belongs to? Heh, what do you care, right? Just go ahead and sell it. What is the worst that could happen, hero?

Oh wait, did I just break the fourth wall by asking that out loud? I’m sorry, that was unintended. I did not mean to break you out of your immersion. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in character.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Lute. Okay, so this fine mastercrafted Lute was found by the heroes in the crypt underneath the city of al-Hammâm.

It has a lot of Shemid writing on it. Furthermore it seems to


…It’s not easy being Dungeon Master, you know. You guys make it hard for us.

No matter how much we plan, and how much we prepare, you guys always manage to walk left instead of right. Sometimes you do something flat out stupid. You remember that time when you started that fight and killed those city guards in Felldragon Inn? That was not supposed to happen, man. Those guys had character pages, names, backgrounds, with long detailed lives written down. You guys just killed them. Just like that. One swing with that ridiculous oversized brutish club and whammo, fours guys dead. They were only doing their job man. I mean, this is what I’m talking about. And why did you start a fire? You see, because this fight got you banned for life from Boatman’s Ferry, it means cannot use that town for adventures again. Do you guys have any idea of how central to the story that town was? Have you even visited the wiki page? We wrote a lot of shit about that town. That makes, what, four towns now you can never go back to? Three of them burned.

Oh, it’s easy for you. You don’t have to worry about that. You just run around in our universe and kill the “bad guys”. Yeah, you laugh and hoot every time you kill a “bad guy”, you mark your kill count. But each time you snuff out a fictional life, we have to edit a character page and write “deceased”. That shit takes its toll, man. Oh, you don’t see the character pages, because they are still hidden, waiting to be introduced to you. So how do you think we feel when that introduction is a giant club, killing our poor NPC, who was lying chained to a slab of stone, waiting to be rescued? Remember that shit? You guys did that in the crypt. He was a central fucking character, man. He was supposed to bring the plot forward. Now we have to do a work-around.

So here you go, you got me rambling on this lute page. Sigh… But I digress, let’s get back to the lute.

Anyway, it seems to have belonged to someone important. It is possible that someone on al-Hammâm will recognize it. I mean, look at it. It looks ridiculous.


Lute from the Crypt

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