Iron Crown of Oaths


The Iron Crown of Oaths is the ancient symbol of kingly power among the Volcae people, the people who founded the Empire.

The last ruler to wear it was King Sigimir the Just (d. 1194), the King of the Volcae and emperor of the Patrians, who perished with his entire army during the bungled war known as Villars Crusade in the year 1194.

Sigimir was laid to rest in the Halls of the Ancient Dead, and the Crown was presented to his Imperial successor. However, it soon vanished, supposedly brought to the tomb of King Sigimir by officers of his former bodyguard. In the violent disputes that followed his succession (see the War of the Four Brothers), it was rumoured that the Crown might once again reappear in the hands of the rightful successor of Sigimir.


Iron Crown of Oaths

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