The Mad Magus


This dude is clearly evil. Look at him, he is dressed in all black. Even his butler looks kind of suspicious…"


Not much is known about the origins of the mad magus. He was first seen skulking around al-Hammâm some 5 years ago. The villagers mostly ignored him, but none ever talked to him. Some years later the people became somewhat suspicious of him, when dead bodies began disappearing from the local graveyard, this gradually escalated into outright hostility as living people began disappearing as well. With time less and less was seen of the Mad Magus, though the disappearences did not stop.

Hidden away in his tower, the Mad Magus conducts his experiments, trying to create and improve upon life and the living. The results are horribly disfigured and wretched creatures.

Amongst his “finest” creations are Rigor, his butler and lab assistant, along with Fisto and Stompo his biggest creations.

The Mad Magus was killed by our valiant heroes.

The Mad Magus

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