Prince Amit ibn Harun Qadib


Prince Amit is a nobleman from the town of al-Hammam.

His father, Harun Qadib, is acting Emir of al-Hammam as well as Sheikh (chieftain) of the powerful Shemid Qadib clan.

Amit does not have a swell reputation in al-Hammam. He once kidnapped the daughter of the local head of the Shurta (police militia), and his father and sister only just managed to avoid a riot. He also has a reputation for public drunkenness and brawling, not to mention witchcraft.

Seemingly resigned to leave the city to his older brother, Zengi, Amit has surrounded himself with sorcerers, soothsayers, musicians, dancers and pirates (notably the famed pirate Captain Ghudraan).

He often goes hunting with his father’s vizier, Jiffar Jizzar ibn Muthir.


Prince Amit ibn Harun Qadib

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