Lady Valesha

Lady Valesha of Black Habour


Lady Valesha is the ruler of the cruel city of Black Habour.



Not much is know about her. She is said to be of noble birth.

If we dabble into hearsay (and we do), it is also whispered that she has ruled Black Harbour for well over a century. Now, you’d think all that administrative business would give you graying hair over time, but Lady Valesha is also said to be a vampire. We assume vampires are immune to such trivial matters as graying hair. If we’re wrong? Bite us.

Though formally a part of the Black Alliance, her affiliation with the Dark Cabal is unknown. At the very least she tolerates their presence in her city.

People in Black Harbour rightfully fear her private army of Shadow Guards, as well they should. The Shadow Guards enforce her will and protect her city from outside influence.

Lady Valesha

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