King Edmund Griffith

His Highness Edmund Griffith, son of Eadwig, King of the Volcae, Protector of the Realm, Lord of Dragons and Horses, Favored by the Gods


King Edmund of House Griffith is the current ruler of the Holy Empire.

While he may be old, he is still tough as wrought iron.

His only son and expected heir is Prince William, of House Griffith.

He also has a daughter named Sophia.

Under normal circumstances, a King of the Holy Empire will also carry the title Holy Emperor of the Patrians. But this title is conspicuously absent on Edmund’s royal coins.

In 1369, only a year after Edmund was made King of the Volcae (de-facto ruler of the Empire), he marched his army into Aleria to be crowned Emperor and stop an ongoing dispute between Gregorius VIII, the Grand Patriarch of the Church of the Holy Synod and the local Imperial Barons. When Edmund ruled in favor of the Barons, Gregorius VIII withdrew to Alba Regia and refused to see the King. He maintained this policy until his death in 1394, as did his successor Gregory of Pava (as Gregorius IX). Thus King Edmund has yet to be crowned Emperor. While this has not been a threat to his legitimacy so far, as Edmund is a strong ruler, it may be more problematic for his son, if he is to have any hope as an eventual successor on the Imperial Throne.


King Edmund Griffith

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