Justinian the Just

Justinian the Just, Knight of the Blue Order


Justinian the Just is a Questing Knight of the Blue Order.


Justinian is a knight on a quest – to spread justice where there is none. So far, his quest has taken him across most of the Empire. He and his sword Light Bringer have brought swift justice to many a wicked soul. Be they Orcs, highwaymen, witches, or other creatures of evil.

Justinian recently arrived in the small settlement of Marshtown. Here he has heard rumors of a beautiful young woman, who is about to be burned as a witch.

The girl is is guilty, no doubt about it, for she has beauty unbecoming of a commoner. But for Justinian, it is important that even a witch be granted a fair trial before being consumed by the flames. He is called the Just after all.

Justinian the Just

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