Gundolf the Greyish

Traveling Wizard


Gundolf the Greyish is a traveling wizard who is known for his hazy answers when asked an otherwise sound question. Gundolf is thought to have traveled the entire world during his long life, seeing all it’s splendors and wonderful sights.


Gundolf is an old man, though no one can tell how old. He wears a long greyish robe and a tall and pointy greyish hat, he has a long greyish beard, and always smokes some weird concoction of strange funny smelling leaves in his long pipe.

His habit of pipe smoking sometimes leads to him having unexplainable giggling bursts and giving more hazy answers than usual.

Though not many people have seen Gundolf cast any actual magic, most people agree that he certainly can make some incredible fireworks and smokefigures (though these become gradually more weird the more he has smoked).

Gundolf the Greyish

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