Captain Ghudraan

Captain of the Devious Sea-Bitch


Abnawa Ghudraan is the captain of a Shemid Corsair called the Devious Sea-Bitch.


A native of one of the Shemid city-states, Captain Ghudraan is widely regarded as flamboyant, eccentric, and irritating by most other pirate captains on the Southern Sea. However, some suspect that it is merely a ploy – a charade – and that behind the irritating mask of flamboyance and eccentricity, you will find a devious and calculating pirate. However most also agree that, even if true, then at least you’ll find yet another layer of irritating flamboyance and eccentricity behind that devious and calculating pirate.

Whatever the case, Captain Ghudraan is known and feared as one of the few pirate lords who is willing to brave the dark waters near Black Harbour. Some also say that his ship, the sleek corsair known as the Devious Sea-Bitch, often anchors at Black Harbour itself. When asked about this, Captain Ghudraan will merely say that he and his crew is on the lookout for profitable business opportunities – wherever those may be found. I should be noted however, that he will most likely be naked during this conversation – a habit he inexplicably tends to perpetuate during encounters with strangers.

The Devious Sea-Bitch is often found at the ports of al-Hammâm, a slave port on the Shemid coast, and the infamous pirate den of Greywater Edge. So if you are looking for Ghudraan, it is recommended to visit one of the aforementioned towns and look for a naked man with a big… hat.

Additionata: the players have uncovered that Captain Ghudraan was the one that smuggled Tilda the Fairhaired out of Black Harbour. They sought him out in Greywater Edge, and learned that he had been captured by the rival Pirate Onslough the Bigamist, and was held in the tavern the Ruptured Spleen. The players defeated Onslough (sparing his life) and freed Ghudraan.

Additionata Additionata: Captain Ghudraan repaid the favour in a distinctly piraty way, by poisoning the players, and selling them as slaves to Sheikh Harun Qadib, a bigshot in al-Hammâm. What a douche.

Captain Ghudraan

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