Wars of the Black Alliance

3. The Lair of Darkness - Part 2

Mysteries of Moriban, the year of 1402

The Dark Tower

He was not like the other of the master’s monsters. He had a heart. In fact the master had once told him, that his heart was too big, since it was from a pig. As long as he could remember, he had served the Mad Magus, as butler and lab assistant. Once in a while the master was good to him, but not so often.
As most nights he had opened the main gate to let the master’s creations out. As most nights his master was in a foul mood. This night however, the creations should have been back with their prey hours ago, but they weren’t.

“Rigor!!!!!!!” The Master’s voice rang out. “Yes Master!” he answered. “What is that damn noise. I am trying to concentrate on my work. Find my ingredients and bring them here as fast as you can!!!”
Rigor looked up. He noticed he was laying face first, unto the floor at the bottom of the stairs. All around him lay shattered jars and glass containers. All over the floor was spread various magical ingredients. He stood up as fast as he could. He couldn’t feel pain but his head was still spinning from the flight down the stairs, but in particular from the abrubt landing. He checked himself to make sure nothing was broken. He could feel something liquid dripping from his lips, he wiped it off with the sleeve of his tunic to see if it was blood. It was not, it was probably just drool again.
“Sorry Master, I fell down the stairs again Master. But I landed on my head, so nothing important is broken!” “I don’t care if you’re hurt. Just get me those ingredients, you moron!”
“Yes Master!”
He found the broom and gathered as many of the ingridients as he could. Then hurried up the stairs to where his master would be. “Here you go Master. All that you asked for!”
His master looked at him impatiently. “Have the creatures returned yet?” “No Master, not yet.” He knew his master wouldn’t be pleased of those news, but then again, he rarely were in the first place. “They shouldn’t be late! What’s keeping them?”
Rigor had no idea what was keeping the creatures from coming home. “Maybe the city guard has caught them Master. Maybe they have been arrested.”
“Bah, I have an arrangement with the city guard, they will look the other way. It must be something else! Hand me those ram horns over there” Rigor went over to the shelve to get the horns and handed them back to his master.
RAM HORNS! Not Elk horns!” His master hit him across the face, it didn’t hurt, but Rigot knew that the master would get even more furious if he didn’t pretend it hurt. “You good for nothing idiot! I should have given you a bigger brain when I made you! Even Fisto is smarter than you!” Rigor didn’t like it when the master compared him to Fisto who was a completely mindless construct.“Come on, get to work! Stitch up those three bodies over there or I’ll punish you again!”
“Yes Master!!!!”

Efter at være blevet solgt som slaver af den sleske pirat Captain Ghudraan til Sheikh Harun Qadib er vores helte blevet lovet deres frihed hvis de stopper den ondskab der hærger al-Hammam.
I kloakkerne under byen har vores helte fulgt et spor der har ledt dem gennem horder af broken ones, udøde og andre vederstyggeligheder.
De kommer ud af kloakkerne langt uden for byen. Natten er faldet på, en intens regn vælter ned fra himlen og det er tordenvejr. Som skyerne forsvinder kan de se et Tårn hvor lyn slår ned. Tårnet stikker op af udkanten af en ækel og gigantisk mose der strækker sig så langt som øjet rækker.
Når de kommer tættere på tårnet kan de se flere broken ones stavre omkring i en indhegning med porten åben.
Der står et skilt udenfor med teksten “The Mad Magus. Beware: Monsters live here.” skrevet med store ubehjælpelige børnebogstaver.
Vil vores helte nogensinde besejre The Mad Magus? Vil de blive frigivet fra deres trældom? Vil de finde Loot?



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