Wars of the Black Alliance

2. An Expected Journey - Part 2

Mysteries of Moriban, the year of 1402

What do we want?!! Hate crimes!!! When do we want it?!! When we catch the interlopers!!!

The following is from the diary of Joél Greenspring (aka Joe the sniffer)

… No amount of fair weather, nor bard inspiration can mask the stench and misery that is this river voyage. The monotony of it all only adding fuel to the proverbial slow cooking of boredom and discomfort, making it a welcome distraction when you spot a lone traveller cornered by four orcs on the river bank. Dispatching two barbarians to traverse the perilous river to do battle, the bard and the priest assisted with some well-aimed long distance support. The traveller proves capable with a blade as he slay two of the brutish orcs, leaving far too few orcs for the barbarians liking. There is much rejoicing back on the boat (and the bard didith playeth a tone).

The traveller is introduced as Joe, a fellow adventurer commissioned to get the Amulet of the Undying away from the Black Alliance (what are the odds). A new alliance is formed by the time the boat reached Marshtown, now all that was left for you to do was find the girl and gain entry to the dreaded Black Harbour.

Witch! Burn her!!” Marshtown is in uproar (or celebrating, it is hard to tell the difference), and it appears that Tilda the Fairhaired is at the center of the commotion, having being tried and judged a witch. You find yourself in a bind; the town distrust you, the girl is set to burn at dawn, and the baptism into the faith of Turius that Slak has just undergone usually ends with an offering to said God.

Time is short and the options few. As night falls and the town celebrates the pending burning, you have to come up with a plan, a good plan (preferable one that does not include burning pigs as a diversion) to get the girl, or at least what she knows and get out of town without dying. Good luck…

Player objectives:



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